The CNHC Logo – Removing the Anxiety of Finding a Good Hypnotherapist

15th November 2018 Off By Jackie

As a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council you can be assured of professional standards being maintained throughout the course of your therapy.  So who are the CNHC?  They are a body set up by the Government to protect members of the public when accessing complementary health services, in the same way that the General Medical Council does with GP’s.  Members of the CNHC must commit to maintaining high standards of conduct and must be professionally trained and fully insured to practice which gives each client additional peace of mind.

What you may not be aware of is that many healthcare company plans such as Medicash, will reimburse your hypnotherapy sessions as part of your plan!  So if you have private health insurance and would like to discuss what hypnotherapy can do for you then don’t delay getting in touch.  If you wish to know if your health insurance plan is eligible further information can be found using the following link Private-health-cashplans