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What can hypnotherapy do for me?

What can hypnotherapy do for me? Is one of the questions I most often get asked. Potential clients who ring me, or email me, are often struggling to cope, may feel they have exhausted more conventional treatments, are tired of repeated visits to see their GP or specialist, and are just seeking a simple solution…

By Jackie 8th May 2023 Off

Children Change – How Parents Can Help When They Do

One of the most frequent reasons I get contacted by people is regarding concerns that their child is suffering with anxiety and stress or alternatively their child appearing to be really depressed and withdrawn. The majority of children start life as part of a warm, loving family. With clear, consistent boundaries and lots of love…

By Jackie 25th April 2023 Off

Returning to a New Normal – Why Doing Something Different Can Help You to Feel Better About Doing Things Differently!

So as we try to return back to normality, beginning to return to ‘normal life’, we realise we no longer know what ‘normal is’.  Like starting on our first day of school, not knowing what to expect, feeling apprehensive, thinking there is so much we do not know, so many things we want the answers…

By Jackie 15th September 2020 Off